Vote For The Best Wave Of The 2015 Rip Curl Grom Search – Jake Marshall or Eithan Osborne, who you got?

Jake Marshall or Eithan Osborne, who you got?

The future was warm, sunny and stocked with glistening right-handers. The future was on a Saturday. The future was at Upper Trestles. The future was the 2015 Rip Curl GromSearch National Championships.

And what a fine thing the future was. The best young surfers in the nation gathered on those always fabled and sometimes slippery cobblestones. They threw tail and sunk rail. They surfed like little champions — especially Jake Marshall and Eithan Osborne.

Jake and Eithan had the two best maneuvers of the event — which is an oxymoron, because how can there be two best maneuvers? There can’t be. There can only be one. And we need you to chime in and help us identify that one. So go on now, vote.

And for the full day’s highlights, press play on this little number below:

Or, re-watch the full day of surfing here!

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