Mark Cuban bet $300,000 that stationary surfing would become a huge workout trend.

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Want To Get barreled Without Actually Getting Barreled? – Then the surfset is for you!

Then the surfset is for you!

Let’s face it: surfing is annoying. It’s always wet. Sometimes cold. Other times scary. The ocean is filled with apex predators — like Great Whites and Laird Hamilton — and it’s honestly just too much of a hassle. But that all changes today. Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is the future.

It’s the surfset! Finally, a machine that allows you to surf without actually surfing — think of how many barrels you can get! Wow! The surfset is going to get you so many barrels that Mark Cuban (from the guy with the big hog on Shark Tank) invested $300,000 in it. So many barrels!

It’s safe to say that wave pools are officially out of business. RIP, wave pools. You were alright I guess.