Steve Hawk’s new book: Waves

Pacific Surf Gallery hosts release party for Steve Hawk's new book

When a landlubber asks what's so special about waves, sometimes it's best to forgo an explanation and just shrug — how do you communicate the ineffable?

Steve Hawk, former editor of Surfer Magazine, elaborates on the weight of such a shrug in Waves, an impressive visual and literary book that examines the diverse personalities of those dramatic energy crests.

Waves juxtaposes a compilation of highly artistic and stylized photos of empty waves with Hawk's prose, which offer scientific and social insights our ocean-crazed sub-culture. This collaboration of Hawk's text together with images by renowned surf-lensmen such as Tom Servais, Rob Gilley, Andrew Kidman, David Pu'u, Sean Davey and Art Brewer creates a final product that illuminates the subject of waves with an intellectual and artistic zeal.

In his attempt to "Illustrate the many shapes, textures, impacts, and hues — the visual drama — of ocean waves as they interact with the shore," Hawk harnesses the abstract essence of every surfer's passion within the context of his book.

A kick off launch party (open to the public) called "The Art of the Wave" at the Pacific Surf Gallery in Cardiff will debut Hawk's work from 5 to 9 p.m. this Saturday, May 21st.

In addition to Waves, Pacific Surf Gallery will feature wave-inspired paintings and photographs by other local and international artists, as well; the event — a demonstration of a wave's impact.

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