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Owen Wright is a made man

When we first decided to run a “7 Days With Owen Wright” profile in SURFING late last year, the world was a different place. Bush was in the White House. Evan Slater was the editor of the magazine. Owen was a relative unknown outside of Australia, where he’d been quietly mounting a ruthless assault on all things 2009.

Rip Curl’s marketing goldenboy Dylan Slater lamented to us at the time that he was doing all he could to promote Owen, his star junior team rider, in the US — but few were taking notice. Fast forward to today: Owen went undefeated in the ASP Pro Junior series, got the cover of SURFING’s October issue,  beat Dane and Kelly at Bells, and has officially qualified for the 2010 World Tour. Also, rumor has it he’s got a major deal in the works that could come to the surface over the next week or two.

Ladies and gentlemen, please clap politely for Owen Wright, and see two minutes of his shredding in the clip below. Good on ya, Owen. No wuckin furries. Vegemite. Fosters.

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