Wilko, Mick & Medina // Wave Garden // 2:17

Do you remember when the Wave Garden was new and exciting? Us too. And while we’re not positive, we think it was around the same time that Hoobastank was en vogue. Still, the Garden’s technology is undeniably awesome and we must celebrate that. Gabriel stomps a varial at :32 and and that’s relatively exciting. Mick and Wilko fight off the PTSD flashbacks from their ‘QS days and combo the thigh-high bowls. Watching the Wave Garden gives you that frustrated feeling that you get when you’re watching a movie and the protagonist is about to do something stupid. No! What are you doing! Don’t go into that room! You so desperately want the waves to be bigger, but it is simply out of your control. Guess you’re going to have to wait for the sequel.