Yesterday, In Puerto Rico

It’s been a wild couple weeks.

While Hurricane Matthew made national headlines by leveling much of Haiti, plowing over the Bahamas and sideswiping the eastern seaboard from Florida to North Carolina -- causing billions of dollars in damage -- Hurricane Nicole quietly formed in the middle of the Atlantic, causing harm to no one and sending swell south to much of the Caribbean.

Tothy, doing more than just surviving. Photo: Darren Muschett

She's currently a Category 3, meandering off to the northeast in no particular hurry, meaning this isn't a one-day-and-done swell, but one that's likely to hang around for awhile.

Nicole's swell hit Puerto Rico this morning and was met with extremely rare light and variable winds. In fact, the only time the Caribbean sees wind as dead as it was today is after major hurricanes, like Matthew, pass through.

Being October, it was only the local crew -- Brian Toth, Alejandro Moreda and Dylan Graves, to name a few, owning the lineup. Of course they let visitors and keen swell forecasters like Balaram Stack, Yadin Nicol and Damien Hobgood get a few leftovers for themselves. And when it's as good as it was today, the leftovers were nothing to shake a stick at.

Balaram, on a “throwaway”. Photo: Muschett

Speaking of Dylan Graves, this swell just so happened to coincide with his upcoming wedding this weekend, meaning a crew of his best friends are currently en route to the island to support Dylan's matrimony, and get a few waves for themselves.Talk about good timing!

Stay tuned. This is just a taste of things to come -- the first post from Puerto Rico since last winter. Judging from today, you won't have to wait long to see the next. – Zander Morton

Naturally the natural-footer found a rogue right in the mix. Dylan Graves, pre-marital bliss. Photo: Muschett