Storm Surfers Dangerous Banks

Following Two Aussie legends of big-wave surfing - Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll, this remarkable film takes you up-close and personal as they risk life and limb to hunt the biggest waves of the 2008 Australian Winter season.
Teaming with leading surf-forecaster and meteorologist Ben Matson, Ross and Tom put their 20 year friendship to the test as the attempt to track and chase the largest storms in the southern Ocean. Their Ultimate target, a mythical, never-before ridden wave in the treacherous seas of Bass Strait know as Dangerous Banks; the 'Everest' of big wave surfing.
Fighting fatigue, injury and the harshest elements nature can hurl at them the team manage to take viewers on a nail-biting adventure from Tasmania to Western Australia and reveal the behind-the scenes action of biig wave surfing. After Being put to the test with a sports psychologist, Ross and Tom must face near freezing waters and in a world-first risk their lives to employ cutting-edge GPS technology that will measure the forces on their bodies in a wipeout from a wave the size and weight of 315 cars.
As the weather erupts and the storms build, the duo armed with cameras and boards, finally get their chance to surf dangerous banks, a remote open ocean break 35km out to sea, and uncover its mystery and find out just how big it really is.