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Northern California Report and Forecast
Date: Saturday January 20, 2018

Today (Friday) as NW swell continues to back down it looks like we could be in store for some wind swell over the weekend. High pressure is expected to set in behind the cold front that just passed, so the weather could improve for the weekend as well. As nice weather holds through the first part of next week we could start to see a small pulse of steep NW groundswell out of the northern reaches of the Gulf of Alaska. This 14-second swell is showing up on the 48-hour models and would be expected for Monday afternoon/evening. Beyond that, I'm tracking a large trough which is expected to develop in the North Pacific during the early part of next week, bringing possibly some stormy weather, followed by a large NW groundswell from 280-300 degrees next Thursday. It's still too early to call for sure, but I'll keep my eyes on the system and report further details early next week. I'd also like to take a moment and thank all of you who sent me picture from the last big swell. Looks like it got pretty heavy in some parts of the state. Feel free to continue sending me picture of your sessions, and let me know how accurate my reporting has been for you and your area. The feedback helps provide you with a more accurate report.

Buoy Readings:
46059 California Buoy has been deployed, but awaits activation
46212 Humboldt Bay Buoy- 7 ft @ 11 seconds from 321 degrees
46212 Humboldt Bay Buoy- 7 ft @ 11 seconds from 321 degrees
46213 Cape Mendocino - 8 ft @ 10 seconds from 321 degrees
46026 San Francisco Buoy - 7 ft @ 11 seconds from 302 degrees
46042 Monterey Buoy - 8 ft @ 11 seconds from 324 degrees
46028 Cape San Martin - 9 feet @ 11 seconds from 304 degrees

The CDIP Buoy 157 is showing, NW periods dominantly about 11 seconds from 300 degrees, and south swell dominant at 17 seconds from 175 degrees.

Currently Northern and Central California's stand out west facing breaks should be seeing surf around a head high to overhead+, while stand out south facing spots are seeing small to no surf at all.

Water temps are in the low to mid 50's through most of Northern and Central California, Crescent City showing 54, Pt Arena 55 and the San Francisco buoy is at 53 Further south Monterey is seeing 54 degrees and Cape San Martin showing 57.

[Go to full Northern California Forecast]

[Go to full Central California Forecast]

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