Jay Davies

When not taking it to Main Peak during the Margaret River Pro, the Tour competitors roamed around West Oz to hunt for ramps without the jersey on their backs. Jay Davies, one of West Oz's most powerful local stars, surveys the conditions from up high.
Photo: Frieden

John Florence

John Florence, knocked out late in Round Three by Caio Ibelli, not worried about contest results in this precise moment. Photo: Frieden

Coco Ho

Coco Ho, signing an autograph on an oil-glass wall. Photo: Mosqueira

Jack Robinson

A well-stocked quiver for an at-home Jack Robinson. Photo: Mosqueira


Robinson tames a windy wall in an uncrowded lineup. Photo: Mosqueira


Robinson, uninterrupted bliss. Photo: Mosqueira

Jacob Willcox

Margaret River wildcard entrant Jacob Willcox and his buckets of style thread a needle. Photo: Mosqueira

Jay Davies

Jay Davies still floats like a butterfly even at 200+ lbs. Photo: Mosqueira


Florence, adding commas to the exclamation mark of a top turn. Photo: Mosqueira


The swell readings stayed in the average-sized range during the week of competition. Florence's airs, per usual, were anything but average. Photo: Mosqueira


Two locals who know a thing or two about a powerful air game. Photo: Mosqueira

Stuart Kennedy

Stu Kennedy fell to Matt Banting in Round Two, but a third-place finish at Bells and a 12th-place 'CT ranking overall left the Lennox Head native loose to pull off
giant launches like this. Photo: Frieden

Kelly Slater

Slater's 2016 Australian leg was one to forget for the 11-time world champ. This kung-fu-inspired air reverse, though, was not. Photo: Mosqueira

Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr, time to look every which way before returning to sea level. Photo: Frieden

Josh Kerr

Kerr, an entourage of lensmen to catch this hover. Photo: Mosqueira


An unknown tube hunter finds a coldwater canopy. Photo: Frieden


Roadside attractions, West Oz style. Photo: Mosqueira

Mikey Wright

Mikey Wright cleans up a messy section. Photo: Mosqueira


Here's hoping for another wildcard slot so Wright can toss up rotations
like this in competition. Photo: Mosqueira


Kai Otton, joining the air party. Photo: Mosqueira

Joel Parkinson

Parko's semifinal run with Julian Wilson reminded us that few out there make a barrel as stylish, or as simple, as the 35-year-old veteran. Photo: Frieden

Dusty Payne

Dusty Payne: First in your hearts, probably not on your Fantasy team. Photo: Frieden

Sebastian Zietz

Those who've watched Sebastian Zietz hone his above-the-lip prowess in Kauai knew a breakout performance on Tour was due only in a matter of time.
Seabass, hidden in plain sight. Photo: Mosqueira


Zietz, showing off his new fins. Photo: Frieden


Mikey Wright nearly clears the horizon on a massive punt. Photo: Frieden


Zietz's first-ever 'CT win and a No.2 ranking will set his sights higher for Rio after closing the book on Australia. Photo: Mosqueira