Frontside Grab

A frontside maneuver where you grab your toe-side rail between your feet with your trailing hand. Often incorrectly referred to as an Indy (the same grab going backside).

Backside Grab

While backside, grab the heel-side rail with your leading hand.

Rodeo Flip

This is simply an inverted backside 720 doublegrab. Unfortunately, there’s nothing simple about that.


Grab the heel-side rail ahead of your front foot with your leading hand while going frontside.


Josh Kerr lends his name to this inverted full-rotation alley-oop, performed frontside while holding the board with both slob and stalefish grabs simultaneously.


While frontside, reach across your body with your leading hand and grab the toe-side rail.


Grab your board with both hands and pull it out from under your feet. Kick your feet out behind you while extending your arms and holding the board as far out as possible for good measure.