Our staff photographers are unloading their cameras to show you their best empty-wave shots from around the world. Every few weeks, the professionals who know these waves best will show you the many temperaments of our beloved landscape – some inviting, some dangerous, and always breathtaking. Here, SURFER staff photographer Ryan "Chachi" Craig braves
a Keiki shorebreak pounder.

California perfection

The changing of the seasons

Shining a light on a dark, dreamy vision

Cliffside corner pocket

A diamond detonating on The Emerald Isle

Kai Lenny’s hidden here, somewhere

North Shore impact zone

Brazilian mutant

No takers for this North Shore nugget

Sunset streaker

Santa Cruz looking psychedelic

Gulfweed tube. When Southern California’s hot and glassy, Northern California’s cold and grassy

A twisted green monster

Rush hour shorebreak speed-blur

Teahupoo texture

Bombs exploding outside some lucky soul’s kitchen window

Deceptively divine Waimea