Our staff photographers are unloading their cameras to show you their best empty wave shots from around the world. Each week, the professionals who know these waves best will show you the many temperaments of our beloved landscape – some inviting, some dangerous, and always breathtaking. Here, SURFER Photo Editor Grant Ellis captures the eye of the vortex
from a Southern California winter.

Summertime oasis. Southern California.

Mark Healey, Koa Rothman, Eli Olson, Billy Kemper

God’s-eye view. California.

Orange County mirage.

Mike Pietsch

Nicaragua calling.

Mike Pietsch

Gabonese rush hour.

Pipeline. Moody and beautiful.

A brooding afternoon. Kandui.

Peak-a-boo. Pipeline.

Ireland’s emerald perfection.

Ideal, but deadly. Waimea.

The power of the Pacific. Waimea.

North Shore cylinder.

Another Waimea warning. Do not enter.

San Diegan solitude.