Hi-Tech Surf Sports Wins Hawaii OSSC

SURFER Magazine is pleased to announce that Hi-Tech Surf Sports of Maui has officially secured a spot in the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge National Championship event at Playa Colorado in Nicaragua. On a beautiful summer day at Ala Moana [...]

Watch Damien Hobgood and More in a High-octane Barrel Fest

Damien Hobgood and Friends' Barrel Fest

Damien Hobgood has never been one to shy away from a tube, and based on the edit above, he’s been finding plenty all over the world lately. Mick Corbett tows into some monster slabs, Jerome Forrest and Duran Barr find plenty of b[...]

Threading the Needle of a Sketchy Reef

Threading the Needle of a Sketchy Reef

Although the swell from Hurricane Fabio mostly underwhelmed, some novelty waves were awakened. Watch Dylan Graves, Wyatt McHale, Shama Beckford and Evan Mock try their luck at a trench run through a sketchy reef.

Watch Derrick Disney and Bryce Young’s Weird-Board-Off

Watch an Eclectic Crew Rip CA and Indo

In new edit, “Toloka,” fish aficionado Derrick Disney scores some Golden State tubes on his swallowtail and-in almost the exact inverse-asymmetrical savant Bryce Young hits some Indonesian lips on his swallow-nosed board. T[...]

A Goofyfooter’s Hollow Heaven

A Goofyfooter's Hollow Heaven

Bruno Santos finds an endless supply of the bluest of tubes in Sumbawa, Indonesia. Spend a few minutes watching Santos getting barreled then spend whatever it costs to get there! Especially if you’re goofy.