Happily Stoked, Pre-Hawaii

Watch: Happily Stoked, Pre-Hawaii

Sebastian Zietz’ web series, Happily Stoked, is in the running for the Best Web Series category for this year’s SURFER awards. If you press play on Episode 5 above, you’ll see why. His progressive style, his forehand [...]

Watch: ‘Ambiturner’ with Jeremy Carter

Watch: 'Ambiturner' with Jeremy Carter

Jeremy is a born-and-bred San Clementian. Straight out of high school, Jeremy was pressed with the decision to head to college for a higher education or to chase a career as a pro surfer––which must have been difficult, considering[...]

Jake Marshall in ‘Redline’

Watch: Jake Marshall in 'Redline'

The ink inside Jake Marshall’s passport is still fresh after his travels to Central America, Europe, and Asia this year on the ‘QS. He underwent shoulder surgery in October, so he’s likely out of commission through Ha[...]

Joe G. and Crew are Free to Roam

Interview: Joe G. on 'Cult of Freedom'

It’s been more than three years since Joe Guglielmino (aka Joe. G) dropped his last longform surf film. The making of the quirky, beautifully-shot odyssey, Strange Rumblings in Shangri-La, which won a SURFER Poll award in 2014 for [...]