Koa Smith Rides a Mile-Long Wave, Gets Barreled Eight Times at Skeleton Bay

Eight Tubes on Mile Long Wave

In the most mesmerizing clip to come out of Namibia since Cory Lopez put the surreal left hander on the map a decade ago, Koa Smith scores a nearly mile-long, two-minute reeler. The sub-sea level tube tossed it’s thick green lip [...]

Sharky Perspective

Five Sharks Circle Surfers

When one of the world's best paddles out at your home break, it's only natural that someone would aspire to capture the action from a unique vantage point. So, when Jordy Smith paddled into idyllic conditions at South African surfer Br[...]

Dreamy and Hypnotic Threadings of West Oz Tubes

Hypnotic West Oz Pits with Dino Adrian

Here's Part-9 of Surfer's latest full-length feature film "Winter Out West." Watch Western Australian raised surfer Dino Adrian drop-in and get spat out of some hypnotic tubes. The full-length film also stars John John Florence, Jack R[...]

Amp Sessions: Trestles and Beyond

Amp Sessions: Trestles and Beyond

Last week, the first south swell of the summer hit Southern California, seemingly lighting up everywhere along the crowded coastlines. But no spot wears a south swell better than Lowers, and locals like Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas, [...]

Jamie O’Brien Wants Your Toxic Sunscreen

JOB Wants Your Toxic Sunscreen

Reefs mean a lot to Jamie O’Brien. You could even say that he’s built his entire life around the one that sits just a stone’s throw from his house on the North Shore of Oahu. So when it became known that Hawaii’[...]