Cliff Kapono’s Protest Bonus Part

Cliff Kapono's Protest Bonus Part

In celebration of the conclusion of the ProTest: An ECOBOARD Challenge, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has released bonus video footage of contest partner and environmental science researcher Cliff Kapono. Like the rest of ProTest conte[...]

Jordy Drops Two West Oz Edits Despite Shark Hysteria

Jordy's West Oz Sessions

Between the shark bites and drama surrounding whether or not the Margaret River Pro should run, Jordy Smith decided to surf and produce two short edits. An escape? A statement? A clip-stack? Just wanting some fun waves? Regardless of h[...]

Mikey O’Shaughnessy Wins Ecoboard ProTest Challenge

Mikey O'Shaughnessy Wins ProTest

The ProTest ECOBOARD Challenge has come to a close and Mikey O’Shaughnessy is the winner. Check out O’Shaughnessy’s edit above, where he packs multiple Pipeline pits on boards made out recycled materials and plant-bas[...]

Crashes and Burns: A Mavericks Wipeout Reel

Mavericks Wipeout Reel

For a long time there was a trend in surf film making to slot a wipeout section somewhere around the concluding segment. Unfortunately, the montage of carnage motif once heavily present in surf cinema slowly faded away with the extinct[...]

Tropical Cyclone Marcus “Best Of” Drone Reel

TC Marcus Drone Reel

Chances are you’ve seen these waves before. A storm like Tropical Cyclone Marcus is so rare, and the surf it sent to West Oz was so good, that the footage and photos are going to be inescapable for a while. It’s all about t[...]