Young Guns’ Pool Party

Young Guns' Pool Party

Landing airs must be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel at Waco’s perfectly engineered launch ramp of a wave. Or at least Quiksilver’s young guns Michael Dunphy, John Mel, Micky Clarke, Derek Peters and Conrad Carr make i[...]

Throwback Clip of the Week: Shelter

Throwback Clip of the Week: "Shelter"

With all the hysteria and build up to the Millennium, very little changed in the moments after 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 1999. In surfing, a cultural shift was already underway and gaining steam, however, as the hot surfers of the '90[...]

Kelly Slater: Andy Single-handedly Made Competition Cool

Slater: Andy Made Competition Cool

Teton Gravity Research's film "Andy Irons: Kissed by God" is available digitally now! You can download from iTunes here as well as several other media outlets. To learn more about the film’s digital release, visit Teton Gravit[...]

Every Monumental Swell Koa Rothman Scored So Far This Year

Koa Rothman's 2018 Greatest Hits

When it comes to the best swells of 2018, Koa Rothman has been on a roll. So far he’s scored firing Skeleton Bay, Cloudbreak, Nias and more. Check out the highlights from his calculated strike missions above and some behind-the-s[...]