Andrew Jacobson’s Cloudbreak Wipeout is the Stuff of Nightmares

The Worst Wipeout You'll See All Week

First of all, we should start by warning you that the video above is not for the faint of heart. There’s some blood, some descriptions of misaligned appendages and an all-too-relatable image of a surfer being pitched by the lip, [...]

Throwback Clip: Kelly Slater in “Good Times”

A Kelly Slater '90s Flashback

Earlier this week (February 11th, to be exact), Robert Kelly Slater turned 47. And in just a couple months, he’ll embark on what may feel to longtime surf fans like his 83rd go around on Tour, where he’ll likely still out-c[...]

Saxon Wilson’s Florida Shuffle Has us Longing For Summer

Saxon Wilson's Summery Shuffle

Just about everyone in the contiguous United States is down on their hands and knees begging for a warm ray of sunshine in the midst of an icy winter. Maybe that’s why Saxon Wilson’s video postcard, “Sargassum Slow-Do[...]

Jared Mell Discusses The Endless Fun of Handshaping

Jared Mell Does Bali on a Twinnie

Jared Mell would hardly call himself a veteran handshaper, but in the handful of years he’s spent making and riding his own creations, he’s found the learning process to be endlessly fun, and he soaks up the teachings of hi[...]