With the Snapper event only a few days away, we thought we might give you something to snack on while you wait. Below are our picks for the ten best heats of the 2010 ASP World Tour. Each was methodically chosen for either the gravity of the heat’s outcome, or simply for the flashes of brilliance from the world’s best surfers. Enjoy.

10. Pat Gudauskas vs. Chris Davidson at Teahupoo: Pat Gudauskas made history in this heat by becoming the first surfer to stick a rodeo in a World Tour Event.

9. Mick Fanning vs. Timmy Reyes at J-Bay: Before the swell dropped off in the final days, Mick posted one of the highest heat scores of the J-Bay event in the phenomenal second round.

8. Dane Reynolds vs. Luke Stedman at Lowers: Everyone looks to Dane for cues on what can be done in competition, and apparently full rotation slob grabs are now on the menu.
7. Kelly Slater vs. Owen Wright at Lowers: After a Round 5 loss to 2010 Rookie of the Year Owen Wright, the Champ ups his game in the quarters.
6. Taj Burrow vs. Dane Reynolds in Puerto Rico: With the everyone expecting an airshow, it all comes down to barrel riding with two of the world’s most progressive surfing icons.
5. Mick Fanning vs. Ace Buchan in France: In grinding French barrels during the semis, Mick Fanning and Ace Buchan trade off some of the best tuberiding of the event.

4. Kelly Slater vs. Bede Durbidge in Puerto Rico: When winning your tenth world title just isn’t enough, that’s when you post a perfect 10 and take another event win as well (If you’re Kelly Slater, that is).
3. Joel Parkinson vs. Dane Reynolds at Snapper: Dane and Parko at Snapper was a match-up for the ages, with both stepping up their game and tearing the right point to pieces.

2. Kelly Slater vs. Adriano de Souza in Puerto Rico: Kelly Slater drops two nines and emerges from the barrel a 10-time World Champion. Enough said.
1. Mick Fanning vs. Dusty Payne at Pipe: A nail-biter if there ever was one. Dusty needed to win this heat at Pipe to stay on the World Tour, and the luck of the draw would put him up against Mick Fanning. Tubes were traded and history was made.