Right Coast Loggerheads

Justin Quintal invites the EC’s best to FL for Inaugural Classic

A decade or so after Joel Tudor's Duct Tape Invitational first brought the world's best classic log enthusiasts together for a throwback competition celebrating the surf club contest's of yore, similar comps have sprung up in log-happy communities around the globe, from South Island, New Zealand's Single-Fin Mingle to the Bali's 9 Foot and Single to La Saladita's Mexi Log Fest.

After seemingly coming from nowhere to win his first Duct Tape as a wildcard in Virginia Beach in 2010, North Florida's Justin Quintal has been a consistent fixture at a vast majority of these contests winning seven DTI's (with two first place draws, as well) and has made the finals in nearly every one he's been a part of.


Despite Quintal's success and evolving profile, the bevy of talented loggers on his home coast have continued to ride their golden era equipment in relative obscurity. It seems it was only a matter of time, then, that Quintal would give his fellow EC longboard enthusiasts a time to shine.

In mid-August Quintal put on the first-ever Loggerhead Classic, opening up his rolodex and inviting the most talented longboarders from South Florida to Virginia Beach to compete in a DTI-esque classic log competition at the Jacksonville Beach Pier. Like the contest's forebears, the Loggerhead was stacked with distinctive talents. Floridians like Fernandina Beach's Scott Kellogg (who graces the cover of July's Pacific Longboarder Magazine) and the contest's youngest competitor, 12-year old St. Augustine local, Skye Blumenfeld, along with male and female surfers from OBX (Dylan Bradshaw), Carolina Beach (Chandler Von Cannon), VB (Mike Melchiorre) and elsewhere, competed in clean, contestable knee to waist high surf—undeniably perfect conditions for a longboard contest.

Emerging from a crop of 32, Jax-by-way-of-South Florida's Pat Nichols won a nail-biter of a Men's final, taking out Melchiorre, Alex Hobbs, and Flagler Beach local and recent Duct Tape invitee, Saxon Wilson. Meanwhile, St. Augustine's Jazmine Dean won the women's pro, outlasting Von Cannon, Maddie Franz, and Morgan Knight.

The video above and photos below, featuring highlights of Quintal’s invitational contest, prove that though it may have been ironic to call the Loggerhead's first iteration a "classic," it's not exactly a misnomer.