The 2018 Surfer Awards Best Performance Nominees represent the pinnacle of this year's high-performance surfing. Based on a surfer's outstanding performance from a single edit released this year, the award will go to one of the following: Noa Deane, for his stratospheric airs and bone-rattling Hawaiian tubes in Head Noise; John John Florence, for the beautiful display of his ungodly surfing talent in Space; Chippa Wilson, for his technically advanced aerial prowess in Video No. 4; Dane Gudauskas, for his Cloudbreak barrel reads in Blue Intensity; and Brendon Gibbens, for his lofty punts and long tubes in Homebody.  Who do you think deserves the win? Let us know in the comments section.

Noa Deane (Head Noise)

John Florence (Space)

Chippa Wilson (Video No. 4)

Dane Gudauskas (Blue Intensity)

Brendon Gibbens (Homebody)

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