Well, well, well, what do we have here? It’s not often that a newly-minted piece of surf gear strikes us as particularly innovative, but O’Neill’s latest boardshort offering seems like something potentially game changing in the world of surfwear. Instead of having a knotted cord at your midsection that you feel when you paddle (and frequently have to retie to keep your boardies from falling down to your ankles), O’Neill’s latest short does away with all that tangling and replaces it with their No Tie Fly–essentially a low-profile velcro tab that keeps your shorts secure without creating a bulky knot.

In the video above, World Tour standout Jordy Smith takes a walk down memory lane, revisiting O’Neill’s 67-year history of innovation, from wetsuits to leashes to their new boardshort. Press play to revisit O’Neill’s lineage of ingenuity (and see Smith put the new boardies through their paces in some quality surf) and check out images of the cordless offering below.


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