“Camel” might seem like an odd name for a boat (water, desert, etc.), but it made a strange sort of sense for Santa Barbara ripper Trevor Gordon by the time he needed to choose a name for his vessel. Why? Because he’d spend untold hours in the hot sun without foot or water working on the thing–taking the previously sunken boat, stripping it down to its bare bones and rebuilding it as an enviable (and quite seaworthy) craft. Once the boat was restored and then some, Trevor and his friend Tosh Clements packed up their boards and headed north–way north, in fact. They went on a grand ol’ adventure in British Columbia, which was beautifully documented in the stylish and at times very funny short film above. They didn’t score the best waves by any stretch, but it looked like a hell of a time, and it’s more or less guaranteed that you’ll want to build a boat after viewing.