Normally the uncrowded teal barrels in Canadian Pete Devries’ edits have surfers looking up Tofino’s water temp, rent prices and used Boston Whalers on Craigslist. However, Devries has stated that this has been one of the worst winters for waves in the region in a long time. Devries has also stated that Tofino’s lineups are a lot more crowded than one would assume. Is the latest episode of On + On the fruits of a lackluster season? Or is it Devries’ message to prospective Tofinians that it’s not the surf paradise they fantasize it to be? Regardless, Devries’ airs and fins-free turns at this punchy Tofino beachbreak still spark the intrigue of being a surfer on the Vancouver Island coastline and, according to Google Maps, Tofino has a taco shop too.