A Boardrider’s Guide To The Gold Coast

Brought to you by Mikey Wright, Connor O'Leary, Steph Gilmore, and more

There’s no other mode of transportation – not a car, not a bike, not the pouch of a ‘roo – better suited for exploring Australia’s Gold Coast than a surfboard. And with set-ups on the Goldie from Snapper to Straddie, it’s easy to (literally) find yourself lost in a sea of options. This visual travel guide from the team at Quik provides a whopping 16-minutes of boardriding know-how, including where to lodge, where to surf, where to dine, where to party, and more. It’s also 16-minutes of pictorial approval from Mikey Wright, Connor O’Leary, Steph Gilmore, and the surfers who know the region best.