Vlogs are having a moment. #Tournotes, Koa Rothman’s “This is Livin'”, and J.O.B.’s self-titled Vlog have all taken the world of surf content by storm–and have kept us highly entertained while doing so. New to that list is the vlog of shredder couple Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone (and their cherub child Banks) titled “Happy Waves”. You might be of the age where even hearing the word “vlog” makes you roll your eyes–but we assure you that there is, in fact, some damn-good surfing from the duo starting a little after the 3-minute mark in the first episode (below) and just about the entirety of episode two (above). Plus, baby Banks catches a wave as well in episode one, which is pretty compelling in itself.

Check out their YouTube page to catch their upcoming episodes, set to be released each week.