Albee Layer’s New Edit, Black Wave

Watch Albee Layer charge caverns and throw sky-high airs at home in Maui

Over the past year, Albee Layer and filmer Dan Norkunas have had their blinders on, so to speak. Ater El Niño spit out its final swell last spring, Layer and Norkunas got busy editing what has become their pet project: Nervous Laughter, a documentary about the evolution of the modern-day Maui crew and how the group tackled one of the best years of surfing in the history of El Niño’s. Throughout the movie’s revising process, Layer and Norkunas were able to sneak out of the editing bay and head for a few surfs. The result was Black Wave: a montage of in-between moments Albee spent at home, boosting ankle-busting, tweaked-out airs and slipping into heavy slabs.

If you’re in Southern California this week, check out one of the Nervous Laughter showings near you:

June 28th, 10 Barrel Pub, San Diego, 7:30 pm
June 29th, La Paloma Theater, Encinitas, 7:00 and 9:00 pm
June 30th, Infinity Surf Shop, Dana Point, 7:30 pm