The pop, the shuv-its, the 20 foot tow-ins at Shippies, the rotations. All classic Wade. And how many “professionals” out there can truly live the life of a free-surfing king for our viewing pleasure? Not many. And these days? Shit, even fewer, right! But if there ever was a bloke who is worth every penny, it’s Wade. How many surfers can terrorize everything from two to twenty feet (And by 20 feet, we mean 20 feet tall and wide)? One day, you were seeing him whipping into massive Shipstern or maybe paddling huge P-pass, and the next day you’d see him stomping huge ankle breaking airs into the flats. It’s what us makes us praise the Laurie Towners and Wade Goodalls of the world, the guys who can do it all. Let this be a visual ode to Wade. All praise Goodall!