With a promising swell forecasted to plow through Praia do Norte on the heels of the Nazaré Challenge, many of the Big Wave Tour competitors stuck around for tow-in sessions with the local chargers. While the swell wasn’t as large as projected, it still managed to draw crowds that lined the colosseum like bluff to watch the wave gladiators.

2018 Nazaré Challenge runner-up Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca put on an absolute tow surfing clinic. From riding waves all through to the inside bowl, to his fins-free off-the-lip, Chumbo takes an aggressive approach to the wave rather than just point the nose for the beach and hold on for dear life. Click play to watch Chumbo and more charge the Old World’s big wave anomaly in the latest “Amp Sessions” above.

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Filmed and edited by Sergio Villalba and Ruben Plasencia.