Banking On The Right Coast

With Brett Barley, Balaram Stack, and more

We rely on showreels to give us the warm, the cold, but especially the beautiful, for a whole year. Filmmaker Jeffrey O’Neill compiled his own for 2016 on the east coast, but honestly, 2016 already feels like a cold eternity ago. Much of the right coast saw a slow crawl for decent surf, and it’s tempting to lump Winter Storm Stella into 2016 to make up for the wave famine. But O’Neill caught some of the brightest rides around the Outer Banks, guys who are slooshing around in Michelin-men neoprene (for the most part, i.e. 1:35) and still pulling in on a dime and punting above the lip. Featured surfers include Brett Barley, Balaram Stack, Fisher Heverly, Joey Crum, Dana Quinn, and Jesse Hines.