In this episode of “Behind the Photo,” Todd Glaser shares the story of how his instantly iconic photo (seen below) of 11x World Champion Kelly Slater and not-yet 2x World Champion John John Florence came to be. While working on Taylor Steele’s “Proximity” project deep in the South Pacific, Slater orchestrated the above shot, on the fly, as he found himself paddling between Florence racing through a tube and Glaser’s lens.

“I’m going to duck dive in front of you!” Slater said to Glaser, who didn’t hesitate to swim under and start snapping. About this photo, Glaser told SURFER back in September, “I was worried that the moment happened so fast that we might've missed it. Kelly came up to me afterward and said, ‘That was the one.'”

Slater was right, the photo ended up being the poster image for Proximity and the cover for Glaser’s first coffee table book.

Kelly Slater watches the new guard, John John Florence, go barreling by. Photo by Todd Glaser