For better or worse, perfect waves aren’t always the easiest to document. Bruce Brown found this out when those long Cape St. Francis peelers decided to outrun the film in his camera while making “The Endless Summer.” Countless other surfers have seen their deep, double-over-head foamball ride reduced to what looks like a three-foot barrel dodge by the GoPro clenched between their teeth.

Skeleton Bay veteran Benji Brand has experienced similar issues on his trips to the long left-hander. According to Brand, the wave looks best when filmed from the shore, but it’s too long and fast for shore-filmed clips to capture the full scope of the wave. And a GoPro in the mouth will capture the whole wave’s length, but not its full intensity. Either way, both the first-person and shore angle clips in Brand’s new edit, “Sleepwalker,” are dreamy and drool-inducing, regardless if he thinks they do the wave justice or not.