In the most mesmerizing clip to come out of Namibia since Cory Lopez put the surreal left hander on the map a decade ago, Koa Smith scores a nearly mile-long, two-minute reeler. The sub-sea level tube tossed it’s thick green lip over Smith’s head eight-times. Yeah, you read that correctly. Eight. Despite blinding spray, some close encounters of the foamball kind and thighs aflame, Smith held on the whole way.

According to drone pilot/filmer Chris Rogers, Koa traveled over 1.5 km, which is just shy of a mile. To cover that amount of ground in two minutes, the average speed Smith was traveling must have been 28 mph, which is screaming for an average speed, and even more mind-numbing when you wonder what he topped out at.

Watch the done footage above and Koa’s point-of-view clip from the GoPro that he managed to keep locked between his jaws the whole two minutes below, which is actually a pretty incredible feat in itself.