Surf cinematography is the new surf photography. If you take a look around, you’ll see that there are far more hungry, young, talented surf cinematographers these days than photographers. Every pro surfer has their own “video guy”, and while photography has given us some of surfing’s most iconic imagery through magazine covers, spreads, posters, etc., video is the medium of impactful moments today. And there are few up-and-coming cinematographers with an eye as keen as Billy Lee-Pope’s. This is his first showreel, and it’s chock-full of artful angles on arresting moments of surfers punting wild airs of weaving through impossible-looking tubes. Just last week his footage was used in our latest “Amp Sessions” piece from Cyclone Oma, and he also helped on Finn McGill’s Hot 100 edit that came out last year.

To see more of Billy’s work, click here to check out his Vimeo page.