As soon as Texas’ state line is crossed, there must be some type of unwritten law or psychological phenomenon that requires one to immediately don a ten gallon cowboy hat and crank some Johnny Cash. No one is exempt from this, not even Dakine’s team of high fly’n Hawaiians.  Albee Layer, Kalani David, Leif Engstrom and Jackson Bunch were barely out of the airplane hanger and were already looking like they were ready to rope goats, much less tangle with Waco’s infamous man-made wave ramp.

Luckily they remembered to pack some board shorts along with the cowboy garb so they could ride BSR’s mechanical bull of a wave well into the coyote howling nightfall. And that they do in the new short, “The Blue River Wranglers.” Hit play above and watch the quartet of Islanders get progressive above the lip and catch the contagious spirit of The Lone Star State.