Dirty Wax and Borrowed Boards

Marc Lacomare and Benjamin Sanchis make due in pumping Africa surf

We’ve all been there before, borrowing a beater board from a friend because you forgot your equipment at home and hadn’t expected to surf. The waves turn on and all of a sudden you’re in a predicament where your best option is that hunk that’s been sitting in your best friend’s garage for far too long. The dirtiest of wax, dings all over (covered in stickers), and rails so thick you’re almost certain you won’t make it through one cutback without completely bogging. What’s even worse is that deteriorated wetsuit you’ve got no other choice than to wear. But if the waves are firing, you better believe I’m whipping that rashy neoprene on and throwing another layer of wax on that beater. For Marc Lacomare and Benjamin Sanchis, they planned a trip to an unknown location in Africa. They arrived, the waves were firing, but their boards never made it. Luckily their host opened up his garage of old boards for the boys to ride. And surprisingly, those boards ended up working really well.