Western Australia’s infamous slab, The Right, did its strangely beautiful-yet-terrifying dance last weekend, which allured a crew of slab-hunting madmen to tango with the heavy, shape-shifting beast. Among the chargers were Bradley Norris and Jake Osman, who decided to whip into one of the session’s larger waves as doubles-Osman out front, Norris deep with a housed camera.

One second Norris was behind Osman, snapping photos of the amazing view inside the tube, with a wide-open exit for both in sight. The next he was bucked from his board and slammed straight into the bottom -where he was held for two more waves before resurfacing, nearly dead.

Norris gave a play-by-play of his harrowing wipeout on The Grin Reapers Podcast, which serves as the audio to the footage of the incident above.