Brainwork: Adam Replogle

"You know how some people have to pump up to get amped? I gotta calm down."

Through his video series Brainwork, Santa Cruz filmmaker Kyle Buthman has spent the last few years giving us little snapshots of his hometown’s most offbeat characters, which has made for some unexpectedly interesting viewing. From pieces on Anthony Tashnick to Nic Lamb and Dave “Nelly” Nelson, you get the sense that Buthman knows all of these characters like they grew up next door (which might not be a stretch), and we get a more intimate look at these individuals than we would had it been anyone else behind the lens. Buthman’s latest edition of Brainwork features Santa Cruz star Adam Replogle, who was a competitive force once upon a time, and a longtime standout in Santa Cruz most iconic lineups. In the video we learn that Replogle has a hard time keeping his froth at manageable levels, he enjoys feeding Santa Cruz homeless population in his downtime, and he believes that surfing has certain time-distortion properties. Click above to watch the unique short film on one of Santa Cruz’ most interesting characters.