It’s been a long time coming for Brett Barley and his crush, the Namibian Skeleton Bay. Ever since Corey Lopez, Pete Mendia, and other fellow East Coasters headed over in 2007 for Surfing Magazine, Skeleton Bay has been on the top of Brett’s bucket list. For 10 years, Brett stared at footage and photos, wondering when he’d be able to make the journey himself. This year, he finally made the two-and-a-half day pilgrimage with Oliver Kurtz and Cory Lopez to one of the best left points in the world. “It appeared so perfect, so flawless, so easy, [and it seemed] that you were guaranteed the wave of your life as soon as you dropped in. But I was wrong about most of that,” says Brett. “It sure can be perfect, but it is a very difficult wave to surf, and even harder to score since it rarely ever breaks. I really wanted to try and bring that experience back with me to share with all of you.” Mission complete.