Channel Islands will turn 50 years-old next year. In that half century, some of surfing’s most memorable moments happened on boards bearing the three hexes.

Awayco, a service that allows surfers to session boards at surf shops all around the world (think no board-bag fees if you’re traveling and/or an endless demo of shapes to test out at your local spot), recently did a shaper profile on the current Channel Islands lead shaper, Britt Merrick.

“My dad always wanted to make the best surfboards for the best surfers,” Britt said about his father Al, the founder of Channel Islands. The surfing that has been done on Channel Islands’ boards by Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds and many others throughout the decades is evidence that Al definitely fulfilled his goal. Britt grew up watching his father shape for some of the best and now continues his father’s vision.

Watch Britt talk about the past and present of Channel Islands Surfboards in this new short.