Is This The Best Bruce Irons Section Of All Time?

Your Throwback Clip of the Week: Bruce Irons in "Campaign"

When Campaign was released in 2003, Andy Irons was midway through a dominating world title threepeat and Bruce sat somewhere way down in the rankings. But in the early 2000s, a surfer like Bruce might struggle to make heats on Tour and still cement his standing as one of the best surfers in the world another way: by putting together an unforgettable section in Taylor Steele’s yearly film. Which is exactly what Bruce did in Campaign.

From Magna Plasm to The Bruce Movie, Bruce has put some amazing surfing on film, but this 4-minute section just might be his most complete part of all time. From roll-ins at massive HTs and Kandui, to dominating Pipeline and sticking 6-foot straight airs (all with perfect style, of course), this section showcases Bruce at the pinnacle of his career — at a time when nobody cared what he was ranked at year’s end on the WCT.