“A completely ridiculous project,” is how an unnamed man describes the concept outlined in the trailer above…and the guy has a point. The project in question, “Ice Edge”, is a film about a group of Norwegian surfers committed to shaping a surfboard out of solid ice, and then actually paddling out and catching a wave on it. From the trailer above, it looks like they’ve already put in a number of solid attempts, carving ice blocks into shapes that vaguely resemble surfcraft and then paddling out, but their ice boards thus far have melted before they’ve been able to catch a wave. “It’s going to work, we just need a little bit more time,” says one of the filmmakers. Apparently, that’s where we come in. The trailer above was made to promote the film’s Indiegogo campaign to raise money for production costs. So if you want to see the most Norwegian movie ever come to life in all of its icy glory, feel free to click here and donate.