It’s understandable if Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch frustrates you—especially when your Instagram feed gets clogged with clips of the world’s rich and famous barrel dodging that dreamy 700-yard long tube. But recently, Surf Ranch gave out some invitations that we can all get behind.

New York surfers Dylan Rhonec (who has cerebral palsy and is better known as The Surfing Samurai) and Joe Testaverde (who suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury back in 2000) don’t let their setbacks stop them from enjoying the freedom and elation that comes with riding waves. Through working with brothers Will and Cliff Skudin’s non-profit, Surf for All, The Surfing Samurai and Testaverde were able to spend some quality time under the Surf Ranch’s perfect lip. As you’ll see in the video above, it was an emotional experience for the two friends.

For more about Surf for All, click here. And you can learn more about The Surfing Samurai below.