With as many talented surf photographers as there are in the world today, it’s a damn tall order to come up with an angle that is truly unique. Yet that’s exactly what shooter Leroy Bellet managed to do recently at Teahupoo, where he bagged a cover for Australian Surfing World for following Tahiti’s Michel Bourez straight into the belly of the beast.

As you’ll see in the above episode of “Chasing The Shot”, Bellet has been pushing himself to capture barrel riding in a way that few would ever even consider: getting towed in behind the surfer in serious, tubing surf, with little-to-no chance of making it out. Press play to hear Bellet walk through his unhinged process, which resulted in one of the most unique surf photos in recent memory came into being, and check out some of the stills from the project below.

The man behind the camera, Leroy Bellet, clearly knows his way around a surfboard in order to position himself as he does to shoot photos. Photo by Domenic Mosqueira

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Michel Bourez, deep as can be.

Matahi Drollet and a fast-approaching foam ball.

Bellet, getting into position behind Michel Bourez. Photo by Zach Sanders

Style lord Craig Anderson, knock-kneed on a beast.

Ando as you’ve never seen him before.