Is the full-rotation the new floater? If you’re Italo Ferreira at Jeffrey’s Bay, the answer is yes. Ferreira is somehow able to wind up his bottom turn, spin 360 degrees above the lip, tail tap the landing and continue down the line with speed on a section of J-Bay where most would simply high line. Nobody in the world does it better.

Of course Ferreira, the current world No. 4, is a lot more than just his backside rotations, as demonstrated in his J-Bay freesurf highlight reel above. With a low center of gravity and the ability to whip his board in the tightest of transitions, Ferreira (along with Gabriel Medina) is redefining the definition of great backside surfing at the best right point in the world. So where will Ferreira go from here? If we had to guess: higher.

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