In celebration of the conclusion of the ProTest: An ECOBOARD Challenge, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has released bonus video footage of contest partner and environmental science researcher Cliff Kapono.

Like the rest of ProTest contestants, Kapono only rode ECOBOARDs on the North Shore last winter during the filming of this edit. Kapono rides an eclectic selection of ECOBOARDs in his edit: a single fin, a twin fin, a thruster and a quad set-up. Despite the varying designs under Kapono’s feet, his smooth, knock-kneed style remains a constant as he carves up a handful of blue Hawaiian walls.

Congrats to all those who entered the ProTest–especially to winner Mikey O’Shaughnessy. O’Shaughnessy’s video part embodied the purpose of the challenge, which was to show that ECOBOARDs perform just as well as traditional boards–even in waves of consequence–and that they’re a viable alternative to boards made of less sustainable materials.

Check out O’Shaughnessy’s winning edit here.