December, 2018 was a month of jaw-dropping lefts. Although Mavericks pioneer Jeff Clark was originally enticed by the spot’s left, most big wave surfers haven’t shown much interest at the bowled-out side of the beast over the decades. The December swell changed all that when Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca and Nic Von Rupp braved the impact zone consequence to sword the steep-drop of Mavs’ less desired direction.

Pipeline tossed hollow end-section curveballs. And Cam Richards and Mark Healey didn’t hesitate to swing at them for some wild Pipe rides that earned them the respective one and two spots.

From a title-winning performance at Backdoor, lofty punts and Mundaka absolutely firing, hit play above to watch December’s hottest action. Click the links below to watch each clip’s full-length counterpart.

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#1 Cam Richards | Pipeline
Filmed by Nate Leal

#2 Mark Healy | Pipeline
Filmed by Bruno Lemos

#3 Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca |Mavericks
Filmed by Powerlines Productions

#4 Nic Von Rupp | Mavericks
Filmed by Powerlines Productions

#5 Jack Robinson | North Point, Western Australia
Filmed by Tom Jennings

#6 Gabriel Medina | Backdoor
Filmed by WSL

#7 Txaber Trojaola | Mundaka
Filmed by Jon Aspuru

#8 Eli Hanneman | Maui
Filmed by Jake Hughson

#9 Brett Barley | Off The Wall
Filmed by Nick Green

#10 Anthony Tashnick | Mavericks 
Filmed by Kyle Buthman