With raw ocean energy plowing into the Hawaiian Islands last month, November’s “Clips of the Month” is mostly an Aloha State affair. Pipeline tossed some bonus end-sections at Barron Mamiya and Nathan Florence, and neither hesitated to hold their line right through ’em. Normally “Clips of the Month” has a strict “makes only” policy, however after much debate over the pure gnarliness of Billy Kemper and Grant “Twiggy” Baker’s controversial Jaws Challenge glory tubes– they’ve made the cut. Although a month equals a millennium in the laws of digital relativity, who could forget Reef Haezlewood’s internet-breaking punt? Or Matt Meola and Albee Layer’s amazing display of the difficult mingling of tech and style in “Polylemma”? But when Kai Lenny strapped on his tow board after the WSL pulled the plug on the Jaws Challenge, deeming it “too dangerous,” and seamlessly free-fell a couple stories off the lip and into a bottom turn, it was futuristic surfing worthy of the top spot.

Hit play to watch November's ten best clips above and click the links below to watch each clip's full-length counterpart below.

#1 Kai Lenny | Pe'ahi | Filmed by Ryan Johnson

#2 Natxo Gonzalez | Nazaré |Filmed by Jon Aspuru

#3 Grant "Twiggy" Baker | Pe'ahi | Filmed by WSL

#4 Billy Kemper | Pe'ahi | Filmed by WSL

#5 Matt Meola | Maui | Filmed by Dan Norkunas

#6 Albee Layer | Maui | Filmed by Dan Norkunas

#7 Reef Heazlewood | Rocky Point | Filmed by Dan Scott

#8 Nathan Florence | Pipeline |Filmed by Bruno Lemos

#9 Barron Mamiya |Pipeline | Filmed by Gabriel Caswall

#10 Eli Olson | Outer Reef, Oahu| Filmed by Nick Green

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