This article was produced in partnership with our friends at Sanuk.

How do you feel comfortable in your own skin? An answer to that question can be hard to figure out sometimes, especially in this fast-evolving world full of digital static. It definitely takes intention and maybe an occasional retreat to a place rich in waves and free of wi-fi, a beach house in Mexico usually works. And that's exactly where a quartet of uber-talented ladies headed to share with each other their own niche strategies used to obtain self-empowerment.

For 2x Women's Big Wave Champion Paige Alms, it's paddling into gargantuan waves at Jaws. Central California logger Cori Barnick uses photography and a graceful approach to wave sliding. Jaysea Devoe shares the mental peace and physical wellness of yoga with others. Artist Susan Wickstrand uses collage to tell stories, like the one above, through her own creative interpretation. Watch this group of strangers become a band of fearless females in "Collaging the Line" and enjoy the photography and collages created on-the-spot by Wickstrand below.

Alms, Barnick, Wickstrand, Devoe and a crabby local.

An inspiring beach in Mexico.

Devoe and Barnick go from strangers to wave-sharers, that’s the power of travel.

Devoe adds a classic line to the collage.