When it comes to personal trainers, there ain’t one much better than the Queen of the Coast. Especially when needing to get into “point break shape”–as Conner Coffin calls it–for a certain Snapper event that’ll be here in a couple months. Conner runs the Rincon track in the latest weekly drop from the Brothers Coffin, and by the look of the combos he laces together through the cove, he clearly doesn’t have too much work to do.

On a completely different note, Conner’s brother Parker makes a cameo in the episode above, showing us how to toss a ‘lil DIY flare on a fine-tuned blade.

Vlogs seem to be all the rage at the moment and Conner and Parker Coffin kicked off their series last week. So far they’re greater parts surf than selfy stick, which is a good recipe to abide by. Check out their pilot, if you will, below, which features solid sessions at Haleiwa, HI.

Both episodes filmed and edited by Ryan Perry.