Emerald Odyssey

A short film following Courtney Conlogue to the unorthodox surf destination of Ireland

For a person like Courtney Conlogue (current World Championship Tour Ratings Leader) a surf trip to a place like Ireland doesn’t seem to make much sense. For the majority of the year, Conlogue travels to the world’s best surf destinations on what’s been proclaimed as the Dream Tour. And, well, Ireland just doesn’t have that same dreamy feel as say Kandui, or Hossegor, nor does it serve as a viable training platform for the next stop on tour. Thick wetsuits and frigid temperatures should point Conlogue the other direction. But during a recent break form competition, she went against the norm and went searching in Ireland anyways. Maybe it’s these breaks that have made Conlogue a better competitor, or maybe she just really wanted to go to Ireland. Either way, this short film is one worth watching.