Tom Curren and Mason Ho are two of surfing’s gems. They’re both surfers who are equally intriguing on a wave as they are out of the water. For example, Curren’s recently been riding a skimboard with foam glued to the top and fins screwed into the bottom that look like alien fingers, and last week he went roller-skating with rival-turned-friend Mark Occhilupo. Interesting to say the least. Ho has been hellbent on surfing spots with rocks that he can air over, as witnessed in “Eel Boy” a couple of weeks ago, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind in an interview. Check out his stint in the comment booth during the Volcom Pipe Pro.

Curren and Ho are an odd couple but in a way, everything about the duo makes sense. Watch the legend and bound-to-be legend travel and surf together in “The Typhoon,” the latest episode in Rip Curl’s “The Search” series.