Dane Reynolds Interviews Mark Occhilupo

Occy doesn't use email, calls himself "The Last Dinosaur"

For his latest trick, Dane Reynolds turns the tables on the Occ-Cast and interviews world champion Mark Occhilupo as one of Dane’s many barnyard birds provides ambient crowing. Occy also squeezes in a few Qs to Dane, eliciting comments like:

On competing on Tour:

There were definitely some awesome moments when everything came together, but, I don’t know, I spent my whole career making up excuses in my head. I just couldn’t handle the pressure there. I prefer doing trips with friends. I felt isolated when I was traveling on Tour. I actually am envious of the Brazilians who have this traveling family. They’re all friends and they stay together and stuff. I’d never really had that.

On his most exciting freesurf:

The most exciting freesurf I can remember when I was surfing with John John in Japan [from Dear Suburbia]. He wasn’t on Tour yet. I feel like he was developing so quickly. He was probably 18 or 19 at that point. I was pretty blown away. Obviously in his technical ability in his airs and stuff like that, but he’s also drawing different lines, and this wave we were surfing was just so perfect. I feel like I saw something I had never seen before, watching him surf those waves.

On shaping:

I got super into shaping a few years ago. I had made some boards before, but just kind of for fun. Then I was reading the MP book and I got hyped on that era of surfing, when you were as good as you were a shaper — you build your own equipment. I was like, We’re pussies. So I got really into learning the craft and trying to make good boards.

On Former:

Building this brand has been probably my biggest endeavor outside of surfing for a long time. It’s been really fun to learn leadership skills and take sort of a crash course in business. The filmmaking is really cool because it plugs right into doing surf films based around product launches. Between that and having a two year-old and kids on the way and a big machine of a house, it’s pretty busy.

On his Declaration of Independence, announcing his exit from Tour:

I don’t know, that thing’s kind of embarrassing now. I was all emo and trying to figure out why I couldn’t handle the pressure.