Dave Rastovich Chats with Occy

The ever-stylish freesurfer talks about boards, contests, and the world of sponsorships on the newest episode of the Occ-Cast

On episode 26 (Has it been 26 already?) of the Occ-Cast, everyone’s favorite legendary goofyfoot sat down with the free-spirited, ever-stylish Dave Rastovich at his beautiful home in New South Wales. Over a 45-minute chat, the two discussed how, early in his professional career, Rasta became disillusioned by the competitive surf scene and created a unique (well, unique at the time) path for himself as a freesurfer–one who experimented with funky shapes and traveled off the grid to exotic locales.

“The whole contest thing was more of a side note for me,” Rasta tells Occy, going on to explain that he never had the dog-eat-dog competitive ambition that his mates Joel Parkinson or Mick Fanning had.

Fast forward a decade and some-odd years later, and Rasta is now repping Patagonia, speaking out on ecological issues, hanging out with design-genius George Greenough, experimenting with edge boards and keel-finned twinnies, and loving life as a new dad.