Duncan and Malcolm Campbell’s Bonzer design should have revolutionized surfing when it first appeared in the early ’70s. With a clustered fin setup and dramatic double concave bottom contour, The Bonzer represented a drastic improvement on the single-fins of the day—perhaps too ahead of its time.

But nearly 50 years later, with both The Shelter and the Bonzer Biscuit five-fin models, Channel Islands—in collaboration with the Campbell brothers—seems to have successfully restarted the Bonzer revolution, introducing the board’s innovative design, and distinctive performance aspects to a new (perhaps more open-minded) generation of surfers. Now, with a new three-fin version, the Bonzer 3D, CI is going ever deeper into the Campbell brothers' design well, revitalizing the original fin configuration through a collaboration between Dane Reynolds, Malcolm Campbell, and Britt Merrick.   

Here, Merrick walks us through the development and finer points of the Bonzer 3D, a board he says retains, that "fast, loose, fun," and down the line feel that first earned the Bonzer its cult following.